• Name : Gary Mortimer
    Date : 09/30/2020
    Location : Pasadena, CA
    Text : I just left a note on "Deedles" page after seeing and hearing how she met Johnny Mathis for the first time! That was great. I so wish she is able to read notes some of us leave for her and well even respond somehow. I met and gave her a ride home a couple years ago in Cathedral City and spent a couple wonderful hours with her at her house (met her cat too) and even gave her a short Reiki Treatment which she loved. She was so very nice and grateful I (and a friend) gave her a ride home. Please can one of you say hello to her from me. Thank you so much.
  • Name : Laura Puryear-Giardu
    Date : 09/27/2020
    Location : Olympia, WA
    Text : Thank you so much for your music - I've been a fan for years. I worked, when I was much younger, with your brother at the Auburn WA airport. Hearing him talk about you, I went right out and bought Deedles - have loved you ever since.
  • Name : André Luisterburg
    Date : 09/10/2020
    Location : The Netherlands
    Text : One Day, before I die because of my brain disease I want to hear deedles live. Somewhere in Europe I hope or I have to travel to the usa. It's on my "things to do list'. A little bit closer to miss deedles would be my ultimate dream. I am 47 years old now and a fan for many years. One day!! Maybe the closest thing would be an autograph as an addition to my vinyl jazz collection.
  • Name : Anne
    Date : 09/08/2020
    Location : Nebraska
    Text : Oh, Diane! I found your new album. I had almost given up on a new release! It sounds so personal and I've been listening on "Repeat"!! Your music has been in my head since I first got "Deedles" on cassette (early 80s?). Then a bunch of CDs, and now with Spotify, I can listen to all your music anywhere! You're scheduled at some Midwestern locations next Spring and I hope I'm able to finally see you in person!! Take care!
  • Name : Jacqueline
    Date : 08/07/2020
    Location : Boynton Beach FL
    Text : The last few months have been beyond depressing. I’ve been listening to your CDs the last few days and found myself singing and dancing around the house. I’ve been feeling happy. Your voice, passion and soul takes me back to a great time in my life. Diane, you’ve made a difference..still
  • Name : Anna Pettit
    Date : 07/23/2020
    Location : Arlington, Tx
    Text : Love your music! It is so uplifting and fantastic jazz! Will see you live one day, can't wait!!! You are the best, love you!!!
  • Name : Steve Lavigne
    Date : 06/14/2020
    Location : Pompano Beach, Florida
    Text : I've listened to your music since the 80's and to this day i am thrilled to hear you sing.
  • Name : Gary
    Date : 06/12/2020
    Location : San Jose, California
    Text : I remember Diane performing at UC Berkeley's when they hosted jazz festivals in the late 1980s. Though I was just a student then, Diane's voice has had lasting impact on me and helped form my never-ending love for jazz music. Thank you!!
  • Name : Edwina Vogan
    Date : 05/28/2020
    Location : Mesa Az
    Text : Remembering you from the Tucson days. Your new album is great. Hoping to see you in Phoenix or Tucson next time.
  • Name : Herb k
    Date : 04/24/2020
    Location : Yuma Az
    Text : I worked for your Uncle Brian at KQIN during the 70's. We played your recording of "Loveless Love" which I beleive was a self produced recording by you. I thought it was very good and played it often during my dj days.K
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