• Name : rochelle keene
    Date : 11/21/2019
    Location : south africa
    Text : I saw you perform at the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival in Johannesburg in 2018. I am haunted by the most beautiful song you sang by ? perhaps Calvin as the composer (can't quite remember). Can you tell me what it was?
  • Name : James R. Smith
    Date : 08/17/2019
    Location : Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada
    Text : Listening to your live performance on Sirius Canada (2019 Aug 17) while writing safe work programs for new clients. You, Diane are amazingly talented and funny. My two cats are listening in peace as well.
  • Name : Cristalle' Amarante
    Date : 08/08/2019
    Location : Providence RI
    Text : Hi Diane.... Just love you and your music! Fan since 19 yrs old Any concerts in future in RI?.... Would be awesome!! Cris Xoxo
  • Name : Pat M.
    Date : 08/03/2019
    Location : Oregon
    Text : Hi Diane......Just wanted to tell you that I think of you often....and how thrilled I am at your success! (not surprised). You and I jammed a little at your home in Auburn in the '60's....I brought my drums over after the Jerry Lewis tele-A-thon in Seattle. Then, as now.....You are fantastic!
  • Name : Fay Kennedy
    Date : 07/02/2019
    Location : Norfolk-Virginia Beach
    Text : Hi Diane......Just discovered you......please come to venues in Hampton Roads VA so we can be entranced with your talent and beautiful music in person.......sending positive thoughts and energy ......Fay 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
  • Name : Jess
    Date : 06/29/2019
    Location : beautiful california desert
    Text : Hey Deedles I found your guest book!!!!! I had a wonderful time meeting you. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.
  • Name : Stephen Scarbrough
    Date : 06/07/2019
    Location : New Orleans
    Text : Thank you for so much pleasure you’ve given me with your music for the past 30 years. You are magnificent! ⚜️❤️
  • Name : Sue Barnes
    Date : 05/10/2019
    Location : West Lake Hills TX
    Text : What treat tonight was! Your amazing voice, musical experience, quirky and kind ways will not be forgotten by anyone lucky enough to be in the room with you. Many thanks! Our best to puss puss.
  • Name : Jeanne Christianson-
    Date : 04/15/2019
    Location : Ormond Beach FL
    Text : Thank you: I love listening to you sing!
  • Name : Dionna Hargett
    Date : 03/31/2019
    Location : Hickory, NC
    Text : Loved your music for 20 years!
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