• Name : Bess
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : San Diego, CA
    Text : Ms. Schuur; thanks for once again sharing your incredible gifts with us here in San Diego. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you and Rocket Man!
  • Name : William P MIller
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Los Angeles
    Text : I love your music and tonight I am looking forward to enjoying your concert in San Diego
  • Name : charles
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Philadelphia,Pa.
    Text : Your voice sends shivers down my spine,a tear to my eyes[I'm told I'm just a sentimental 'ole softee]I just heard you for the first time a few days ago. Where have I been?[lol].PLEASE do the Big Band cd.! I Love the Big Bands.If you come to Philly, I'm there!
  • Name : Amy Lewis
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Irvington, Virginia
    Text : Your voice is just mesmerizing!!! It stops me in my tracks anytime I hear it. It takes away allmy worries when I listen to your music.
  • Name : Dan Davies
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Tucson, AZ & Chicago, IL.
    Text : Heard U on radio other day, realized how much I miss hearing UR voice. 1st thing I will do upon returning to Tucson is to start playing UR CD's again, that were given to me years ago from my neighbor when I lived in N.Y. a really cool & beautiful person, Duke DuBois. Hope I will be able too hear you someday in Tucson or Chicago, Good Health & Peace for 2011. Dan Davies
  • Name : Camilo Corea
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location :
    Text : From Honduras we send you very much love a admiration. We enjoy your music.
  • Name : shawn
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location :
    Text : Your voice is a light in my mind.
  • Name : Vinnie Dublino
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Tokyo, Japan
    Text : I have seen DS many times, but never up close and personal. Last nite I was arm's length away from her in Tokyo TUC - what a thrill to hear sheer genius so near!! Deedles, thank you for your story about Weedles, Ray, Italy, and how you are from WA, not DC... my bad. I have been a fan forever, and now my wife is also hooked. Thank you & manager Owen for allowing us to chat so long. It meant the world to me; I will always cherish it. You are truly a class act, not just in music but in all your endeavors. You're looking and sounding as beautiful as ever. When we left the club, my wife said she had NEVER heard anybody sing like THAT, total mastery of every musical aspect. I just nodded and said, yep, Deedles is her name.. I don't know how she got here but I'm mighty glad she came. Please come back to Tokyo soon. I have your newsletter, I'll keep an eye out. Best wishes to you and your husband also, Vinnie Dublino, piano, USAF Band of the Pacific-Asia
  • Name : David
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Near New Orleans
    Text : I've just heard you for the first time...today...singing and playing. How could I have not heard you before now? You are a fine performer with a true heart capable of getting the intended meaning across...even to me. Please contact me if convenience permits. Thank you. David.
  • Name : lyman mattei
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : new orleans,la.
    Text : :p I first saw you on tv years ago but missed your name. I was completely taken back by your talent and was upset that I did not who you were. A few years ago I was surfing the net and came across you. I finally found you after so many years. I have purchased all of your cd's and dvd's, and will continue. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. You always brighten my day. CIAO
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