• Name : Marie
    Date : 06/06/2018
    Location : Germantown, Maryland
    Text : Ms. Diane Schuur, “Pure Schuur” you’re an amazing musician and singer ! Thank Goodness my Husband gave me a wonderful present back in 1993 when I fell in love with your beautiful VOICE and the orchestra that makes you sound even bigger!!! Thank God we still have musicians like YOU, because in the present time NO BODY CAN BE LIKE YOU!!! I wish you the best that LIFE CAN GIVE YOU! Hopefully I can see you in Annapolis, MD., Love from all of us The Nam’s, Bless You!!! Marie’ Ps: excuse my English 🎼
  • Name : Jon Garner
    Date : 05/17/2018
    Location : Orange County, CA
    Text : Hi Diane. I'm working on a project with a pianist friend and he played Love Dance with the GRP All-Stars for me a week ago. It's quite possibly the most beautiful singing I've ever heard. I've listened to it daily ever since. I shared it with an outstanding professional singer yesterday and she was blown away. Congratulations and thank you!
  • Name : Lorraine
    Date : 05/03/2018
    Location : Maine
    Text : Hi - so happy to find you. I hope to get to NY in November! FYI the dates for your NY concerts are wrong on this site.
  • Name : Gary Schonack
    Date : 04/11/2018
    Location : Centralia, Washington 98531
    Text : Hi Diane, My Dad & I played in a show group with you quite a few times. You were great then too! Remember "Steve's Gay 90's on South Tacoma Way? Yes, that was quite a venue back then, great times together. Looking forward to getting to hear you live again! Sorry to say that my Dad passed away quite a few years back, but still with me in my heart. I still play drums with a group at Immanuel Lutheran Church here in Centralia. Looking forward to be with you again. Always your drummer,, Gary Schonack
  • Name : Barbara Camp Kelley
    Date : 03/31/2018
    Location : Vancouver WA
    Text : Diane Your show in New York is in November and not December. I was mistaken. If I could meet with you for maybe 30 minutes, I would LOVE IT!! I still play and Sparkey was the one to discover I could play by ear. I still miss him. Hope to hear from you. Barbara
  • Name : Barbara Camp Kelley
    Date : 03/31/2018
    Location : Vancouver Wa
    Text : Hi Diane I met you about 10 years ago at your concert at Skyview High School in Vancouver. We met after the show. We shared the same piano teacher, Sparkey Sherman. We did not have much time to talk because you were flying out right after the show. I wondered if we could meet when you are in New York in December? I just got back from seeing a show at the Appel room and noticed you were on the lineup in December. Best Wishes Barbara
  • Name : Linda Cadenelli
    Date : 02/25/2018
    Location : Rancho Mirage, CA
    Text : My husband and I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Diane Schuur perform tonight at the Rancho Mirage Amphitheater! It was our first time seeing her live and we were blown away by her incredible talents, singing, piano playing and entertaining! Her sheer joy in performing was so delightful and one could not help but be excited by her contagious exuberance! Her band was wonderful and we just did not want the show to end!!I am looking forward to purchasing her music! Thank you Diane(Deedles) for an amazing evening!!!
  • Name : Dawn Campbell-Bedard
    Date : 02/10/2018
    Location : california
    Text : My husband and I have been listening to your music for almost 2 decades. we hope to have the honor of hearing you live. would love to know your next trip to California.
  • Name : Kevin Ryan
    Date : 02/07/2018
    Location : San Diego, California
    Text : Love you, Deedles--forever.
  • Name : Wade
    Date : 01/19/2018
    Location : Tucson
    Text : My husband turned me onto your music 20 years ago. We just missed you at the Blue Note on a visit to NY many years ago. We just saw you this evening at the Fox in Tucson. I cannot thank you enough, I was blown away and you brought me to tears along with laughter. Much love and gratitude to you and your band.
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