• Name : Francesco
    Date : 11/24/2018
    Location : rome
    Text : you are the soundtrack of my days. I love your music and your voice.
  • Name : Tod Steen
    Date : 11/21/2018
    Location : Cincinnati Ohio
    Text : Lookin to see what you come close to Cincinnati. I'll be there. Love your singing.
  • Name : Douglas
    Date : 11/06/2018
    Location : British Columbia
    Text : First saw/heard Diane March 1988 when she was the special guest at the spring concert of the Seattle Men's Chorus...was blown away!! Goodness where did 30 years go?? Was sorting through papers in the house I recently sold and found the concert poster.
  • Name : Coll
    Date : 09/18/2018
    Location : Renton, WA
    Text : You are a beautiful songbird. I love you.
  • Name : Ben Lopez
    Date : 08/24/2018
    Location : Manila, Phillipines
    Text : Diane Schuur? Sure! I had heard this jazz lady in my teens (that was the 80's, man!). Many, many years had passed, I still love her voice and style. You opened my life to soulful, classy jazz, Diane.
  • Name : Fernando Rangel
    Date : 08/11/2018
    Location : Mexico City
    Text : I have been a fan of yours for ages. I have many of your albums and keep buying songs in iTunes. It is a real pleasure to have you as one of my favorite jazz singers. I had the chance to see you in a concert in Mexico City a long time ago. Best Regards.
  • Name : Rosalie Bono Colburn
    Date : 08/02/2018
    Location : Las Vegas, NV
    Text : Dear Diane Schuur, ever since my brother introduced me to your music, I have been totally hooked. Your voice is infectious! You truly are an amazing person. I hope to see you perform in Vegas soon.
  • Name : j michael B.
    Date : 07/17/2018
    Location : laurel, MS.
    Text : I'm so glad to have your music to listen to while home alone. I really enjoyed the java jazz concert. I would love to give you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. You seem like someone who would be a loyal friend...maybe next lifetime. With kindest regards, I will remain your friend.
  • Name : Kasey Scott
    Date : 06/11/2018
    Location : Cathedral City CA
    Text : Sorry to have missed you at Frankies the other night.. a heads up next time you're headed that way would be amazing.... Thanks
  • Name : Marie
    Date : 06/06/2018
    Location : Germantown, Maryland
    Text : Ms. Diane Schuur, “Pure Schuur” you’re an amazing musician and singer ! Thank Goodness my Husband gave me a wonderful present back in 1993 when I fell in love with your beautiful VOICE and the orchestra that makes you sound even bigger!!! Thank God we still have musicians like YOU, because in the present time NO BODY CAN BE LIKE YOU!!! I wish you the best that LIFE CAN GIVE YOU! Hopefully I can see you in Annapolis, MD., Love from all of us The Nam’s, Bless You!!! Marie’ Ps: excuse my English 🎼
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