• Name : sonia watt
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : portland, or
    Text : Diane, I was first exposed to your music during a surgical case(I work in the operating room)back in 1996 and have since enjoyed your tremendously,talented voice and music through the years!Your music is a "natural mellowing agent" no matter what circumstances I'm in. Thanks for all you do in the musical/jazz world and in the community for disabled people. Best of health and happiness!
  • Name : gene walsh
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : brooklyn, ny
    Text : when will you be back in new york? manhattan would be great :grin
  • Name : Savangel
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location :
    Text : Your concert last night in Bulgaria Hall, Sofia Bulgaria was just incredible! Your voice is so delicate and passionate! Your jazzy versions are so interesting and great! I am your fan fo all of my life!
  • Name : mike zacharias
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : tulsa, ok
    Text : You and theBasie band played Tulsa 10 or 12 years ago and i have been a fan ever since. your music is the main reason i look forward to road trips.
  • Name : Alan Schiff
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Vista, CA
    Text : Diane, Deedles...in 2004 I was working in LA managing tour VIP programs for Clear Channel (now Live Nation). I had a hellish commute and would grab CDs sent to our office that were 'up for grabs' in the breakroom. One night, I took your Midnight CD with me. I've been loving you ever since. I was recently at Agqua Caliente while on tour with another artist. I was excited to see your posters for your upcomming show and am was bummed I was unable to return. Nice venue, nice people. OK, I'm rambling and have probably said too much. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.
  • Name : Linda P
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Naples, Italy
    Text : Dear Deedles I am the American woman who had the great pleasure of meeting you just before you went on stage in Naples, Italy. Your hug and kind words are forever in my heart. You are the best!!!
  • Name : Valeri
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Cypress, Tx
    Text : I had heard Louisiana Sunday Afternoon about 10-15 years ago. I continued to hear it on the radio for some time(6mo's). Then I never heard it again. I continued to search lyric sites and never found it. To my very happy suprise I found it this past weekend on YouTube. What a wonderful song sang by and even greater artist! Thank you Ms. Schuur!
  • Name : Dean Calma
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Vienna, Austria
    Text : Your Concert last night at Porgy and Bess Jazz Club was just fabulous, I love all the song you rendered especially Sound of Music Diane Schuur version, just fantastic!
  • Name : Fil
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location :
    Text : You're so great, the vocal is incredible and your music deserve more accolade! PS, your "By Design" with the legendary Jose Feliciano is the most fantastic duet I've heard in my life.
  • Name : Pat Bridges
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : London, England
    Text : Hi deedles, please keep singing The Great American Songbook. You're the BEST. From Pat
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