• Name : Kennedy Compound
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location :
    Text : Hi Deedles: I have a jazz show heard here in boston (once a week) and always play your tunes. You are awesome. I hope you come to boston soon. This swing thing with Caldwell sounds awesome. I have been playing keely smith lately and love her... but I adore you!
  • Name : Tom Craig
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Cecil, Wi
    Text : I'm looking forward to your visit to Appleton. I'm a "community reviewer" for Appleton's Performing Arts Center and so I've started listening to your music
  • Name : CLAVARET
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location :
    Text : Hi Diane, I live in France,and had the privilege to hear you singing in Marciac the month of August, with Lionel Hampton Celebration. It was a very wonderful moment for us.I'll never forget you, your feeling, your talent.And come back soon !We love you here in France !
  • Name : ken
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : tennesse
    Text : In 1997 i was taking care of a friend dying of Pancreatic cancer...id spend a few minutes everyday listening to you and refocusing on what i needed to do for her....you helped me through those times...Thank you more than youll ever know!
  • Name : Jason Schaub
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : London, UK
    Text : Please, please, please come to London. I have lived out of the states for so long, that I've not had the chance to see you perform live. I've got most of your recordings, but would really love the chance to see you live!
  • Name : Amy O'Bryant
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Seattle area
    Text : Caught the show at Snoqualmie Casino Friday. LOVE_LOVE_LOVED IT! The wordplay between songs was the perfect complement to a gorgeous set. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I sighed. Your voice was even richer than I remembered. Thanks for a lovely evening.
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : ITALY
    Text : All I can say is that I have always felt your voice, a friend I always love to hear... Luv Pat
  • Name : Doug Dickinson
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : North Bend, WA (Seattle)
    Text : WOW! I saw you and Bobby perform at the Snoqualmie Casino last night and you make a great duo on stage! Great show that left us all in a WOW state at the end. Keep on going strong! :)
  • Name : Henry Heitman
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Naples, FL
    Text : Please who are other musicians on album Sure Fire
  • Name : Diana Phillips
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Rancho Mirage, Ca.
    Text : Diane, just wanted to let you know that I thought your show was smashing at the Auga Calinete Showroom Saturday. Thank you for taking a picture with us, we can hardly wait to see it and your beautiful smile. I look forward to seeing you here in the Desert again real soon.
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