• Name : Francesco
    Date : 12/01/2017
    Location : Rome
    Text : Dear Diane, because I can not stop listening to your songs? it's a serious thing? i love your voice and your music. Big kiss
  • Name : Victor Cager
    Date : 11/30/2017
    Location : Ft. Worth, TX
    Text : Love ya, !!!! Can't wait to see you in Dallas in the Spring 2018...
  • Name : Mike Laws
    Date : 11/24/2017
    Location : Oklahoma City
    Text : Please contact me if you ever think about performing around OKC! You are fantastic! You performed at the Jazz Lab in Edmond, OK a few years ago. Again?? Thank you for your music, real music!!
  • Name : Jennifer Graf
    Date : 11/05/2017
    Location : TX
    Text : Thank you for coming to Jazz at St. James in Austin this weekend. I grew up listening to my dad's records (all the standards by Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, etc.) and I've admired your voice and piano talent for years, so it was a dream come true that you came to my church to perform. I love you so much, Deedles! Please come back anytime you're in Austin.
  • Name : Lorenzo Reina
    Date : 10/31/2017
    Location : california
    Text : Diane, I can't get enough of your music and voice. Thanks for giving us such talent and dedication.
  • Name : Melvin
    Date : 10/21/2017
    Location : South Africa
    Text : Just reminiscing, after stumbling upon the ticket stub from the concert when i first heard and saw Diane Shuur perform way back 2001 in South Africa at the MegaMusic Warehouse. Funny thing, it's still vividly with me...it was a Sunday evening that ended with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, what an impression Deedles made, so i'm listening to my Diane Schuur collection that i've started ever since that day....some of the best jazz to be appreciated. It's been a while, how about visiting us again in South Africa and blessing us with that great gift you have...one of the finest voices in jazz.
  • Name : Charla Fava
    Date : 09/28/2017
    Location : Spring,Tx
    Text : I have been a fan for many years. Saw your name on the billboard at Does E Doe and almost wrecked my car. This is the first time I've been near a place you performed. So looking forward to hearing you.
  • Name : McLaughlin Tom
    Date : 09/06/2017
    Location : Cape May, NJ
    Text : I've been listening since the mid eighties,, I know your music from your first half-note. You are truly blessed and loved. Take care & Thank You Tom Cape May, NJ
  • Name : Ron and Patrick
    Date : 08/28/2017
    Location : Palm Desert
    Text : Deedles, Patrick and I are going to see you at the Purple Room on Friday. We haven't seen you since we used to have dinner at Mark's in Laguna Beach and Jack's in Dana Point. If you remember we used to meet with Denny, Dean and Andrew every Friday night for dinner. We are really looking forward to seeing you again. We are still in Love with you after all these years.... Ron and Patrick
  • Name : Gerald McLoughllin
    Date : 08/14/2017
    Location : Palm Springs, CA
    Text : I was driving down E. Palm Canyon a few weeks ago feeling kinda low and melancoly, when I noticed the marquee at The Purple Room...Dianne Schuur...Sept 1&2! I was instantly lifted out of my Blues and went home and purchased tickets. I can't wait to hear and see you live, sweet lady. See you September 1st!
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