• Name : Mary Masters
    Date : 12/25/2017
    Location : Irving Texas
    Text : Have loved your music for over thirty years. Seen you numerous times and is always a wonderful, profound music experience! Looking forward to the Dallas show in April '18. God Bless
  • Name : Shawn Miller
    Date : 12/24/2017
    Location : Dana Point
    Text : Always listening Deedles. Your voice carries me away from my troubles- Thank you Shawn
  • Name : Geraldine Cody
    Date : 12/19/2017
    Location : NYC
    Text : LOve you, saw/heard you in Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY years ago. Tonight saw Julie London singing Cry Me A River and remembered I loved yours so much more! Love you so!
  • Name : Beth Hauston
    Date : 12/13/2017
    Location : Cape Cod MA
    Text : Dear Deedles, Imagine the thrill and surprise when I looked for you on YouTube after our flight from Dallas to Palm Springs!! t was such a pleasure getting to know you and I trust you are enjoying the holiday season at home with your dear kitty! I’m listening to your cd “I Remember You” as I write this. Great! Hope to see you perform one day. Take care, Beth
  • Name : Leticia
    Date : 12/08/2017
    Location : Vero Beach FL
    Text : Oh my. I can't believe I found a way to write to you. Growing up in the Bronx NY I found jazz at an early age when I heard Ella Fitzgerald for the first time. This music was my life line in a hostile environment and saved me from contemplating suicide a few times. I couldn't get enough of the greats and would belt out those tunes whenever i was scared or frustrated. When I first heard you it was another voice to add to my collection of those I wanted to emulate. You were sunshine in my dark world. I had my first child and left a promising singing career. Years later after the last bird had left the nest I returned to Jazz and am now with a fab drummer who toured with Etta James and a gentleman who plays a mini Hammond B3 and we're going to tear up Vero Beach. I do hope i can catch you at the Sunrise Theatre her in Ft. Pierce where many musical artists come during the Winter. It would be a blast to meet you and hear you in person. May God continue to bless you, your voice and your future endeavors. Sincerely........Leti
  • Name : Francesco
    Date : 12/01/2017
    Location : Rome
    Text : Dear Diane, because I can not stop listening to your songs? it's a serious thing? i love your voice and your music. Big kiss
  • Name : Victor Cager
    Date : 11/30/2017
    Location : Ft. Worth, TX
    Text : Love ya, !!!! Can't wait to see you in Dallas in the Spring 2018...
  • Name : Mike Laws
    Date : 11/24/2017
    Location : Oklahoma City
    Text : Please contact me if you ever think about performing around OKC! You are fantastic! You performed at the Jazz Lab in Edmond, OK a few years ago. Again?? Thank you for your music, real music!!
  • Name : Jennifer Graf
    Date : 11/05/2017
    Location : TX
    Text : Thank you for coming to Jazz at St. James in Austin this weekend. I grew up listening to my dad's records (all the standards by Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, etc.) and I've admired your voice and piano talent for years, so it was a dream come true that you came to my church to perform. I love you so much, Deedles! Please come back anytime you're in Austin.
  • Name : Lorenzo Reina
    Date : 10/31/2017
    Location : california
    Text : Diane, I can't get enough of your music and voice. Thanks for giving us such talent and dedication.
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