• Name : Dorothy
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Austin, Texas
    Text : Deedles, I saw you perform in Austin last night it was a dream come true for me. I have always enjoyed your music. My favorite song is New York State of Mind. I play that song when the traveling bug hits me. It is a true pleasure to be able to enjoy such a wonderful performance by a very talented artist in this day and time. You have one of the greatest voices there has ever been and I can’t imagine anyone greater. I love to hear you play piano. I also enjoyed the instrumentation of each of the musicians in your band. I must say that the rules don’t apply to me. I am a youthful 61-year-old African American woman. I am starting a travel agency in two months, I returned to college to get a degree in travel and tourism, I bought a new home this year, and I have a friend that sings with a famous artist and I enjoy traveling to meet him when I am not busy. I also head up a non-profit organization. Deedles, this is the big one; I lost 100 lbs. and have kept it off for more than three years. I lost the weight by eating small portions and exercising every other day. Because I made it a lifestyle change instead of a diet, I have been able to maintain my weight loss. I look really good and I feel fantastic! Hang in there exercise is important it helps increase your metabolism, it will help keep you firm as you lose the weight. I plan to see your show again maybe during my travels. By the way, I voted for Obama and as you can tell, I am optimistic about the future. Take care and be blessed. Glad the rules don’t apply, I’ve got a lot of living to do. Dorothy :)
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