• Name : GJ Donahue
    Date : 07/23/2017
    Location : Newton Centre Massachusetts
    Text : A dear friend of ours passed away and I was given her collection of 350 CD's, including many jazz greats and female singers. Randomly I pulled one from the female singers. As the cd 'In Tribute' played for the third time in a row I fell in love with Deedles singing! Listening to 'Sophisticated Lady', I had to write and tell you how much I enjoy your voice! If you come to Boston, I have many alum from Perkins in Watertown cannot wait!
  • Name : Carolyn
    Date : 07/14/2017
    Location : MS
    Text : I'm going to be pretend to be you and perform Louisiana Sunday Afternoon in the Legends musical production of the Montgomery Country Performing Arts in Winona, MS. I sound nothing like you but it's for charity so what the heck. I love your voice.
  • Name : Francesco
    Date : 07/14/2017
    Location : roma (Italy)
    Text : I've found your music late, but I'm quickly recovering lost time. Thank you for the emotions you can give me with your voice and ..... forgive my english. hugs and kisses. When are you performing in Rome again?
  • Name : Kennedy Baites
    Date : 07/09/2017
    Location : Huntsville, AL
    Text : I keep looking for word of a new release! hint hint I have posted pictures I took of you in concert on my Diane fan page on Facebook. It's called Diane Schuur Show & Tell Collectors. I post a new picture everyday. Check it out! Love you!
  • Name : Ralph
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Milwaukee, WI
    Text : I just recentily, started to ramble through the jazz and blues greats. Even though, my father was heavily into to the Jazz greats. I was listening to the Heart to Heart record with you and B.B. King. Omg! Is all I can say this is a soul sangin; jazzy, sista. Yes, a "sista" those runs. That feelin'. Man, I can picture you throwin' the head back and goin' for what you know. It is awesome to say the least. Old school/modern jazz with soul. You've got me hooked! :eek ... O ya, Climbing higher mountains, yes, yes. Up, Up, Up. Feel the Spirit!
  • Name : jill glassman
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : facebook
    Text : Love you Deddles! Are you coming to Philadelphia on tour? Is the Keswick Theater ,Glenside Pa booking you? I had the pleasure of seeing you perform there twice:)))!!!! Spectacular!!!! Love, love love the sampling of your new tunes!!!!! Wishing you a Wonder full 2011:)!
  • Name : john
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : 90266
    Text : Caught you last night at Steamer's Jazz Cafe in Fullerton with Slide FX. I was not aware you would be there, let alone sing. What a supreme treat for all attending!!
  • Name : Ann Honan
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Tacoma, WA
    Text : When are you performing in Seattle again? I'm going through withdrawal.
  • Name : Ann honan
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : Tacoma, WA
    Text : When will you be performing in Seattle again? I'm going through withdrawal.
  • Name : michael douglas
    Date : 03/03/2017
    Location : brighton,england.uk
    Text : dear diane schuur.i had the very great pleasure to hear you perform at the blue note in manhatten. that was in 2000 and i went back the following night. i have loved your music ever since.i dream of one day being lucky enough to hear you again. much love from me and my friends in the uk. we really love you and thank you.
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