• Name : Anna Pettit
    Date : 07/23/2020
    Location : Arlington, Tx
    Text : Love your music! It is so uplifting and fantastic jazz! Will see you live one day, can't wait!!! You are the best, love you!!!
  • Name : Steve Lavigne
    Date : 06/14/2020
    Location : Pompano Beach, Florida
    Text : I've listened to your music since the 80's and to this day i am thrilled to hear you sing.
  • Name : Gary
    Date : 06/12/2020
    Location : San Jose, California
    Text : I remember Diane performing at UC Berkeley's when they hosted jazz festivals in the late 1980s. Though I was just a student then, Diane's voice has had lasting impact on me and helped form my never-ending love for jazz music. Thank you!!
  • Name : Edwina Vogan
    Date : 05/28/2020
    Location : Mesa Az
    Text : Remembering you from the Tucson days. Your new album is great. Hoping to see you in Phoenix or Tucson next time.
  • Name : Herb k
    Date : 04/24/2020
    Location : Yuma Az
    Text : I worked for your Uncle Brian at KQIN during the 70's. We played your recording of "Loveless Love" which I beleive was a self produced recording by you. I thought it was very good and played it often during my dj days.K
  • Name : Kate
    Date : 04/22/2020
    Location : TX
    Text : Diane, I'd would love to see you live...your music moves me...I especially love your songs Sure Thing and By Design...was listening to your songs on my playlist while working out today. You are a generational talent...looking forward to your new release! Kate
  • Name : Greg Jacobs
    Date : 04/17/2020
    Location : OKLAHOMA
    Text : Diane, I don’t know why I thought of you this morning. i sat next to you on a flight from Tulsa to Dallas back around 1990. You had performed in Tulsa and you told me you were going home to Huntington beach. Very nice conversation. You told me about winning a Grammy. You spilled your drink. I think it was a Dr. pepper. I was star struck. Told the story many times.
  • Name : Carson Lowe
    Date : 04/07/2020
    Location : Redlands, CA
    Text : In early '90's, I was a fund raiser for University of Redlands FM radio station, 89.1 KUOR. First heard Diane on the air. Fell in love with her. Delighted she is still performing!
  • Name : Tad Miura
    Date : 03/02/2020
    Location : Tokyo, Japan
    Text : I'm going to Cotton Club Tokyo on 2nd show of March 8th.It's so nice to be at the show.I'll be waiting for you.It's my pleasure to listen to "Everyday I have the blues.Have a nice flight to Japan.
  • Name : Alberto Soares
    Date : 02/23/2020
    Location : Belem
    Text : I am from Brazil. I Love your music !!
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