• Name : Mike Moats
    Date : 02/20/2021
    Location : Tacoma, WA
    Text : Diane, you probably don't remember me but we were classmates at Sumner High. I was talking with my dad today and he was talking about your father. My dad was an engineer for the Dept. of Transportation in South King County and knew your dad from what I assume was road projects. I love your music and enjoy following your career.
  • Name : Carl Hogg
    Date : 02/14/2021
    Location : Olympia
    Text : I was listening to a public broadcasting station out of Cleveland today and they played a song by Diane. I was not familiar with your music and decided to do a little research. I found out you live just a few miles north of me. I love your sound. I hope when this COVID thing passes you'll be performing in the area and we can come to see you. Things for carrying on the tradition of good music.
  • Name : Kim Ogden-Avrutik
    Date : 02/08/2021
    Location : Tucson
    Text : Love your style and talent. Heard you at the Grammy’s awhile back. You are an inspiration to all jazz artists and women. Hope to see you in concert soon. Please come to Tucson. .
  • Name : Steve Kuykendall
    Date : 01/24/2021
    Location : North Dakota
    Text : It’s Sunday morning....early, and I started my day off by listening to “Nobody Does Me”....which ..in my humble opinion, just might be the greatest vocal performance of all time...when you hit your stride at about the 3/4 mark....it just launches me into the stratosphere every time! Thanks for the fabulous music....what a gift!
  • Name : Jan van Wieren
    Date : 01/19/2021
    Location : Netherlands
    Text : I love youre voice and i hope to see Perform you live when you are in Holland
  • Name : Pieter
    Date : 01/10/2021
    Location : Franeker, The Netherlands
    Text : Tonight I heard " Louisiana Sunday Afternoon " for the first time on Dutch radio. I was grabbed by the energy and looked on the internet. Just wanna say ... great !
  • Name : Captain Jim Barker
    Date : 12/18/2020
    Location : Bloomington MN
    Text : Hi,Deedlebuns...your captain here. Sorry I missed your birthday...fell and broke my hip recently, been in and out of hospital, kinda set me back. Still same phone number if you remember. Gimme a call if you get a chance. Love ya.
  • Name : Thomas J. Gallaher J
    Date : 12/14/2020
    Location : Chicago
    Text : I believe I said this a couple of years ago, your cover of How High the Moon is absolutely exquisite ... it gives me chills. God bless and happy holidays.
  • Name : Gary Mortimer
    Date : 09/30/2020
    Location : Pasadena, CA
    Text : I just left a note on "Deedles" page after seeing and hearing how she met Johnny Mathis for the first time! That was great. I so wish she is able to read notes some of us leave for her and well even respond somehow. I met and gave her a ride home a couple years ago in Cathedral City and spent a couple wonderful hours with her at her house (met her cat too) and even gave her a short Reiki Treatment which she loved. She was so very nice and grateful I (and a friend) gave her a ride home. Please can one of you say hello to her from me. Thank you so much.
  • Name : Laura Puryear-Giardu
    Date : 09/27/2020
    Location : Olympia, WA
    Text : Thank you so much for your music - I've been a fan for years. I worked, when I was much younger, with your brother at the Auburn WA airport. Hearing him talk about you, I went right out and bought Deedles - have loved you ever since.
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