• Name : lorenzo reina
    Date : 10/18/2021
    Location : California
    Text : Diane, you have been told many before, i am sure, what a beautiful voice you have, I just want empathize it. Thank you for all the wonderful memories your voice and music bring.
  • Name : Thia V
    Date : 10/09/2021
    Location : Phoenix, Az
    Text : I so enjoyed your concert at the MIM tonight! May God continue to bless you and yes, may our country stay strong and free. Glad you came our way and shared your divine music with us.
    Date : 08/28/2021
    Location : NORTH CAROLINA
    Text : Love the music you makje.
  • Name : Donna Malchrist
    Date : 08/23/2021
    Location : Miami Florida United States of America
    Text : Dear Diane Schuur. I just want to say,that your singing was the inspiration for me to become a music minister. I struggled with a learning disability called Aspbergers Syndrome.And through that gift. I am blessing others . May God continue to bless you . As always . Your soul sister.Donna
  • Name : Javier Muñoz.
    Date : 05/16/2021
    Location : Leon Spain.
    Text : Desde una Nación con poco arraigo de la música jazz vocal. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones por su gran carrera como artista. Sinceramente impresionante. Gracias.
  • Name : Mary Ackerman
    Date : 04/26/2021
    Location : Charleston, SC
    Text : I remember seeing you at a Lee Ritenour back in the 80s. I was totally blown away by your voice! I have followed you ever since. I got to see you with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra some years ago and you blew me away once again. Can't find the words to express my deep admiration.
  • Name : Joey Koons
    Date : 04/15/2021
    Location : Lockwood, NY
    Text : I don't recall the exact date, all I can tell you is that it was sometime in the early nineties when I first met, face-to-face, my idol, Grammy Award Winner and reigning Queen of Jazz Diane (Deedles) Schuur. It was my day off from working at DFW Airport but I pulled myself out of bed and, without so much as showering or shaving, raced out to the airport just to watch her come off the morning plane from Seattle. I waited and watched from a distance and when she came up the jet bridge, another woman who accompanied her came close by and I don't remember what I asked her but she responded, "You're not Joey, are you?" I confirmed that was who I was and this woman who turned out to be Ms. Schuur's personal assistant started pulling my arm toward Deedles saying, "She has got to meet you." I protested saying, "No, I haven't showered or shaved, I'm not ready to meet her," to which she insisted, "She has to meet you, she just loves your letters!" And then, boom ... I was standing right in front of this woman I had on a pedestal for I don't know how long, fearing that her nose was extra sensitive. The woman introduced me and the next thing I know, Deedles had her arms wrapped around me and all I could think was, "Can she feel my stubble?" No, I don't recall our conversation but I assured her I had tickets to that evening's performance at The Caravan of Dreams in Ft. Worth, TX. I went by myself and it was incredible. Fast forward a year and, again, she was performing at The Caravan of Dreams. I couldn't meet her at the airport but I had, again, bought lone ticket to see her and when I got to the box office to pick up that ticket, the attendant said I had two tickets set aside, one was purchased (or comped) by Ms. Schuur. Well ... this was the second of her two performances that evening and at one point she stopped the show and into the microphone she asked, "Joey, are you out there?" My blood went icy cold but I managed to get out, "I'm here, Diane." "I thought you were coming to the first show!" She then went on to dedicated my favorite Diane Schuur song to me "I'll Close My Eyes" and I sat there uncomfortably feeling all eyes on me but soaking in every note. Once the show was over, her assistant stopped me from leaving and I was the only one, aside from the press, welcomed back stage. I stood aside watching reporters ask her questions when one reporter turned to me and asked, "And how do you know Ms. Schuur." "I'm just a fan," I quietly replied. Deedles' keen ears overheard me and she scolded me telling the reporters, "Joey is my friend!" There have been other performances but the one that stands out the most was this second one in which Diane Schuur proclaimed that I was her friend and dedicated this beautiful song to me. I love you Deedles. It's been too long!
  • Name : John Dunne
    Date : 03/26/2021
    Location : Bramhall Cheadle UK
    Text : Hi, Was just looking for the obviously best version of Autumn Leaves not even on Spotiiy Well honestly i couldnt find it but kept looking and it was worth it was it ? LOVE your track ...the best Love Ya ! .......
  • Name : Gerardo
    Date : 03/15/2021
    Location : Venezuela
    Text : Reciba un cordial saludo , desde Venezuela , quiero escribir estas pocas palabras para decirle que ya soy admirador de su Música , apenas estoy sabiendo de su existencia y de esa maravillosa Voz que Dios le dio como regalo , gracias por hacer tan feliz a este mundo , que tanto necesita del Jazz . Espero algún día conocerla , mi correo es : talentomerida8@gmail.com
  • Name : Francesco
    Date : 03/13/2021
    Location : Rome (Italy)
    Text : your music is the soundtrack of my days. I love your voice, it's great
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